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We are...

Business lawyers who understand businesses

Having done over 400+ projects, we understand how businesses work.

So we focus on 3 core time-frames of business operations when we work with anyone:

1) Past issues
2) Current headaches
3) Future worries

And then we provide you with the NEXT BEST STEP…

Lawyers with a different approach

Our 4 Non Negotiables

Fixed Fee

You will always have a clear idea of the full project price And it never changes.


You will always know when your project will be completed. We commit and stick to it.


You will always be updated throughout the project. We message a lot...


Your project is our own. You're not just a checklist to us, and it's our commitment.

Your Future Legal Team

You can trust us more than your spouse… (jk)

Contract Lawyer

Abhishek T.

Contracts Guru

Abhishek know how theory meets practice. He is a big procrastinator but when he gets going he slaps.

Business Lawyer

Akhil M.

Chief Communicator

Akhil loves talking. His longest call was 3 hours long. Why? Because the topic was that good.

Business Lawyer

Abhishek K.

Core Generalist

Abhishek is a jack of all trades & master of none. Come to him with a problem & he will have a solution.

Business Lawyer
Business Lawyer
Business Lawyer

we dont like to brag but....

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Contract Lawyer
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