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We won’t bore you with legal jargon. Need something simple, effective, and legally enforceable? Reach out to us!

Contract Drafting

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No one likes to read small print or complex text in their documents. And to be frank, we don’t like it either.

That’s why we make sure – your contract is Simple yet Effective and Enforceable.

Contract drafting

Contracts are not just pieces of paper you sign; they enable you to reach your goals and navigate risks safely. So need something that does that for you? Reach out!

Contract review

Have you been sent a Contract? Let’s make sure that it says what you have actually agreed. And if you have any questions, we will make sure that get answered.

What we can help you with...

The Right Contract For Your Need

Whether you are a service provider, business owner, an agency, or a freelancer. We have got you covered!

Service Agreement

If you're providing high quality services

T&C + Privacy Policy

If you recently had your Website Developed

Co-Founders Agreement

If you're launching a business with someone

Non-Disclosure Agreement

When sharing sensitive information with anyone

Web Development Contract

If you are fed up dealing with recurring client problems

And much more...

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Contract Drafting

Lizinkona (USA)

This Legal Team was very helpful.

Extremely professional and provided excellent service and on time.

Mary Catherine (Australia)

I definitely recommend Akhil from MTLegal Team.

He is very knowledgeable and he delivers clear, straightfroward advice on a timely matter.

Don Imran (UAE)

These are guys you should go to if you want minimal input and maximum output.



Brock H Briggs (USA)

If you're a startup, solopreneur, or anyone in need of someone looking for contracts,

do yourself a favor and reach out to Akhil at MTLegal_Team


Joel Chansg (Singapore)

Akhil and team is professional, polite and attended to my needs swiftly.

Will work together again. Thank you!

Graeme Matthews (UK)

I always use MTLegalTeam for my legal needs and I will continue to use them in the future.

Samkcay (Nigeria)

The MT legal team was professional with my job.
They provided useful and helpful recommendations regarding the agreement. Well done!
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How You Will Be Working With Us

Our goal is clear. To be as transparent with you as possible. And in order to do that, we have streamlined everything for you.

Here’s our simple steps to provide you with end to end solutions:

Get in Touch
Get in Touch

You can use the Contact Form or Book a Call with us directly.

Discovery Call
Discovery Call

Before jumping into the project, we will first Understand your Requirements. And then provide you with the Next Best Step to solve your Problems.

Fixed Fee & Timeline
Fixed Fee & Timeline

Before the start of the project, you will get a Fixed Fee and Timeline. That price and timeline will never change – its Our Commitment!

Project Starts
Project Starts

Once the Proposal has been accepted, we will the start the work on your Document. And keep you updated on the progress throughout.

Project Delivery
Project Delivery

We will deliver the project within the agreed timeline. And in case there’s any Questions or Revisions, we will address that until you are satisfied!

Choose your best solution

Transparent Pricing

We value your Time, and we know price is a big factor for any Business Decision. So we have a solution for everyone.

Pick that works BEST for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the context and your circumstances.

For example, it’s just a short web project? Just exchange the scope and fee over messages/ mail, and that should work out.

But if it’s a high-ticket client or recurring business, get it on paper.

Depends on the package above! But generally it’s around 3-5.

We serve internationally. And our primary jurisdictions are US, Canada, India, UK, Middle East, and Singapore.

Just get in touch to know more!

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